Michigan Indo-American Democratic Caucus
Established 2002

                       MIADC is the Indo-American Caucus of the Michigan Democratic  Party (MDP)


Schedule of Upcoming Events
Date Time Event
 7/15/2017 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM Indian Consular Event (Passport, OCI and Misc Services)

MIADC 2017-18 Board

Chair - Arun Agarwal
Vice Chair - Krishna Sharma
Vice Chair - Raj Bain
Treasurer - Shyam Maheswari
Secretary - Jaydeep Deoleker
X-Officio - Shama Kenkre
Student - Tanya Mehta
Bobby Mukkamala
Jagdeep Monga
Sunny Singh Dhoorh
Victor Naidu
Gopi Nair
Charu Deolekar

Past Chairs:

2002               Usha
2003-04       Gopi 
2005-08       Ramesh Verma
2009-10        Jay Kommareddi
2011-12          Mahendra Kenkre
2013-14          Tej Jhamb
2015-16   Shama Kenkre


IIndian Consular Event (Passport, OCI and Misc Services)

When: Saturday, July 15th, 2017, 9:00 AM to 1 PM

Know Your Rights
Downloadable link to lawyers' presentations from the event held on 02/19/2017


Summer Internship
MIADC offers a summer intership. This program is open to all Indo-American graduate and undergraduate students who are residents of the state of Michigan. 

For details and application form click here   

MIADC in partnership with  
Indian Consulate, Chicago

Hosted a free service for stamping lifelong validity
on PIO cards issues by Chicago Consulate at Bharatiya Temple in Troy, MI on March 22nd 2015. Over 1500 people were helped!

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